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We started our company based on the belief that we had something unique to offer our clients; namely, over 30 years of contract manufacturing experience. That experience was gained from making products that were designed without taking full advantage of the processes available to manufacturers like us. We always felt that there was a missed opportunity in many of those projects and decided that we could do a better job. We're no longer manufacturing but as designers, every project we accept is approached from the perspective of the manufacturer, that poor guy at the receiving end of our efforts. Because we understand that world, we constantly balance our design decisions against processes commonly available to modern manufacturers. This allows us to make the inevitable trade-offs of cost over function to deliver products that are not only attractive and functional but cost-effective too.

Because a picture is actually better than a thousand words, please visit our portfolio pages to have a look at some recent projects. There you'll find descriptions of the design challenges we faced and how those challenges were overcome along with images of the finished product.

The same thinking that informs our design work also drives the support services that we offer to contract manufacturers and OEM's alike. Temporary engineering help is a cost effective and smart solution to those occasional periods of peak demand that strain your in-house staff. Similarly, our consulting services come from having run a manufacturing company with multiple locations ourselves. We know how difficult it is to do that job really well and offer a fresh perspective to conditions in your business that you may be too close to be completely objective.

We appreciate that you've taken time to come by and hope that you find something useful while you're here.

Thank you for visiting,

Jim and Mike Fitch

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